Volunteer Resources


Our goal as an APT is to offer you, our volunteers, the tools, resources and support you need to plan successful events, while providing you with a positive volunteer experience. Please take the time to review the many resources available to you on our website. We're working hard to add more content in the upcoming weeks so please check back soon!

Freedom 7 Elementary Volunteer Policy

Freedom 7 APT's mission is to enhance academic excellence and the educational experience for our students and school community through volunteerism. By sharing time and knowledge, volunteers strengthen the quality of education received at Freedom 7. All volunteers are expected to adhere to the procedures and guidelines set forth in Freedom 7 Elementary's Volunteer Policy document which is provided at the link below.

Freedom 7 Volunteer Policy

District Volunteer Requirements & Raptor Portal Link

All ON-CAMPUS volunteers in the Brevard County School District are required to complete the online volunteer application and applicable following steps before being approved to help-out on campus during school hours. Unfortunately, Freedom 7 APT has no control or insight into BPS's volunteer approval process. Please click below to be directed to Brevard County's District & School Security Office & complete the online application.




Need to check your volunteer status or your number of hours?

Click the Raptor Link below to sign into the district's volunteer system.

BPS Raptor - Volunteer Portal

Room Parent handbook

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Room Parent at Freedom 7!  This is an important role, one that reflects a desire to be involved. Room parents make a positive difference in the academic and social lives of students as they help create a long-lasting bond between teachers, parents and children.  Room parents’ time and effort are truly appreciated by everyone in the school community, especially the staff you are helping.  And your children love to see you help out in the classroom!  Thank you in advance for your involvement!

Room Parent Handbook - 2022 - 2023


Favorite Things Lists!


Each year the APT asks our Staff & Teachers to fill out a form to tell us a little about themselves to share with our student families. It also helps us to spoil them appropriately when the occasion arises.


If you're looking for Favorite Things forms for our wonderful Freedom 7 Teachers and Staff you can find them in this Google Drive Folder linked below. If you know of an out of date form please email us to let us know at freedom7apt@gmail.com.

22 - 23 Teacher/Staff Favorite Things

APT Welcome Kick-off & Volunteer Slides

The APT holds a brief volunteer training session at the Boo-Hoo/Woo-Hoo Breakfast each year to introduce families to a few quick facts about helping out at our school. The slides from our 2019-2020 Boo-Hoo Breakfast are found here.

at-home VOLUNTEERing

Looking to keep track of your at-home volunteering? Please use the at-home volunteer log sheet provided at the link below & turn the sheet into your child's teacher for signature and turning into the front office. 

At-Home Volunteer Log Sheet

Event Planning Guide

Thank you for volunteering to coordinate an event or program for Freedom 7 APT!  Our goal is to make the planning process as easy as possible.  Please review this Event Planning Guide to learn about APT resources and access printable forms and Lessons Learned to get started on planning your event or program!



Reimbursement Request

Freedom 7 APT requires itemized receipts and a completed Reimbursement Request before any funds can be distributed. Please complete the below form and submit via email along with your receipts/purchasing info to freedom7apt@gmail.com 

2020 - 2021 APT Reimbursement Request

Online donation REQUESTs on behalf of F7 APT

Joining our Donations Committee is a great way to give back to our organization and school! Requirements change each school year so please contact us via email if you wish to be involved and earn volunteer hours on your own time and often from the comfort of your home. Links to commonly required documents are provided below. If you've completed online donation requests, please don't forget to record your hours on your at-home volunteer log and return via email to freedom7apt@gmail.com.

General APT Donation Request Letter

The above letter is suitable for taking to local businesses to request in-kind donations on behalf of the APT. The the letter contains our Tax-ID information which most donors will want in order to support as well as information about us and our mission. If you make a request on behalf of the APT, please ensure you document where you've been on our Sign-Up Genius Link below. We do not want to solicit multiple times from the same company so please complete this critical step. Thank you!

Sign-Up Genius Link to log/RECORD all donation requests

Many online donation requests require an upload of our official IRS 501(c)(3) certification. This document is provided below.

APT IRS 501(c)(3) Approval

If you've completed online donation requests, please don't forget to record your hours on your at-home volunteer log and return via email to freedom7apt@gmail.com. Hours may be recorded on your usual at-home log or volunteers may choose to use this form below which is better tailored to this activity. 

Donation Committee Volunteer Log